Why Bluehost Hosting is preferred over others?


Everyone is nowadays expanding business online. Digital Marketing is getting to be acknowledged for business growth models. On this verge of development having a ‘Web Hosting’ as well as Domain. In one of my previous articles, I have discussed the domain and a detailed overview of it. Now it’s time to start with another perspective of Web Development that is web hosting. Having a relevant web hosting solution is very important for any business to grow. Now as websites nowadays are not only relevant for business but many other purposes. But I will mention the term business multiple time because whatever the purpose can be, the main target is to enrich the web traffic.

Now we have discussed in an earlier article about the different aspects a person should take care of before choosing a hosting solution. Now in this article, we will be discussing further the most famous company ‘Bluehost’. Why it is being preferred over the others. We will discuss the different aspects of the service & its different way one should choose it. We will discuss this keeping a beginner’s perspective in mind. So, let’s start the discussion and progress towards a conclusive study about the company.


While discussing the features here I will not specify the details as endorsed by the company. Here we will take some parameters and will classify the features considering those parameters. This will enable you to analyze the features by yourself. You will get a proper insight into the topic.

In the previous article also, we have discussed some of the salient parameters to consider a hosting company for your website. To judge why Bluehost is great, we will use the same parameters to discuss the topic.

We will discuss here 5 parameters to judge the Bluehost service. I am enlisting them here:


So, you can see here I am considering all those factors which I discussed in the previous article but here we will discuss them more elaborately. These factors are very much important parameters to be taken care of. So, without wasting more ink let’s jump into the discussion.


Bluehost offers one of the best beginner-friendly services. The company is up with some of the most salient features as follows, which is very helpful for the beginners. We will discuss beginner-friendly and easy to get started with in regards to a money-back guarantee, domain name registration, website transfer/migration, installing WordPress, and website building tools.


Bluehost offers a 30 days money-back guarantee which only applicable on the base packages not on the addon. If you cancel the service within 30 days then you will get all of your money back i.e., you will get a full refund. If you cancel it after 30 days then you will not get a money-back but you will get a prorated refund.


Bluehost avails you a free domain name when you register for their hosting services. These domain names will be valid for you for a year. After a year you can renew it while renewing your base plan.


There are two ways to transfer your website from one hosting service to another. One way is you can transfer it manually by uploading the files in Bluehost. Another way is you can use a website transfer service using which you can transfer your website to 5 websites and 20 email addresses at a cost of $149.99.


Installing WordPress can be a hard game for beginners. Bluehost has worked hard to simplify this process. They have developed MOJO Marketplace for all of its installations. Now you can set up your WordPress website straight from your cPanel dashboard.


Bluehost avails you the independence to decide for yourself how to build your website. So, you are free to use many options. It can be WordPress or any other website builder tools available on the MOJO marketplace.

f) Plugin & other:

Bluehost avails you plenty of plugins and ready to use themes that you can use to decorate your website. Also, it offers many useful professional WordPress service. The company offers over 140 plugins to use.

So, these were some of the beginner’s friendly attributes the company offers.


According to some of the surveys, 35% of the total web is WordPress. So, for the creation of a website the majority choice is to have WordPress. Now a good host should take care of the problems regarding the installations of WordPress.

WordPress offers beginner-friendly WordPress hosting starting from $ 2.95/month as well as VPS powered fully managed plans at $19.99/month.

A)Officially recommended by WordPress:

Bluehost is officially recommended by wordpress.org and has worked closely with WordPress.

B) Installing WordPress:

Bluehost has always made it simple for its users to install WordPress and have increased the user-friendly interface so that anyone with no experience can also make it possible.

C) WordPress speed:

Bluehost gives a great WordPress speed which enables the creator to do plenty of work in WordPress and can increase the user readability.

3)Speed and Uptime:

If your web host is down. No one can access your website. This can create a great problem for your users. Nowadays it’s not a problem anymore. Companies like Bluehost gives 99.99% reliability for your website. This means that your website has a chance of 0.01% to lack readability. So, this is great!

Also, many companies offer compensations for the number of times your website has faced problems due to the hosting problem or server problem. These compensations are called ‘Hosting Credits’. Each credit has a specific value. You can redeem them anytime. Also, there are some tools emerging nowadays like ‘UPTIME ROBOT’. This tool will track the server down ratios and will set a limit. Whenever your website will face a server issue it will send you a message to change your web hosts. Also, most of the companies have teleportals through which you can contact the web host regarding any problems you face.


Bluehost avails a great security option for its clients. The company presents a lot of secure pin up’s which increases the client’s confidence towards the credibility of the company. Bluehost provided a Data Backup facility along with SSL certificates. It regularly checks the malware and gives overall ultimate protection to your website. As security is one of the most important concerns for websites, Bluehost has picked that impulse up. The company is doing great jobs securing the data of their clients. This is one of the most important reasons why Bluehost is preferred over any other hosting company.


Customer Service is always an important factor. For any problem having a customer service is always crucial. Bluehost provides you a customer service 24*7. This will decrease the chances of having long stabbed problems in your website.

You must choose a service which will avail you customer service for problems that you are dead certain about which will not come. Choosing such kind of web hosting will be very much helpful for you and your business to grow faster. This is also one of the most important reasons why Bluehost has been one of the only 3 companies recommended by WordPress.


So, these were some of the reasons why Bluehost is preferred over any other services. As I have mentioned earlier also, the quality of service is an important factor but also maintaining loyalty with the clients is also an important factor. Blue is one of those pioneers who have successfully kept their image right from the start of their business. Bluehost is always a great hosting solution for many. There are also competitors and other hosting companies offering low-cost services. But Bluehost has created an history of online hosting market. The first name that comes to mind for any website creator is Bluehost. It’s always better to have the best than comprising the best for a bit of money.

Let’s End this Article:

As every article concludes, this article is also an informative article for all those creators who want to have a well-established website. So, in this article, I have made it very simple to understand for my readers and to have a bridge informative session towards the actual work.

I have suggested some of the important qualities the Bluehost avails as an option to its client. Also, I have tried to discuss some of the important parameters that are better than any other hosting service. This article is well-researched content and I hope reading this is a good utilization of time for you.




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