Web hosting review: Bluehost, a boon

Web hosting review: Bluehost, a boon

Why is web hosting required?

web hosting and its requirement

Web hosting means to host your website on the World Wide Web. Web hosting companies provide businesses with bandwidth and hard drive space on the server for storing files related to their websites by charging a certain amount. For a website to be active and live on the internet, one needs to host the website. Registering for domain names will not serve any purpose if one will not be having web hosting services. For the website to get hosted, a web hosting account is needed. One’s website can only be visible online and accessible to everyone on the web when they will be having web hosting services provided by any web hosting company.

With web hosting providers, technically one can connect their computer to the internet in order to serve pages to the users. But practically, it is not possible as household internet connection does not have the capacity to serve multiple visitors at the same time. Web hosting providers make it possible for their users’ websites be accessible to multiple users at the same time. Web hosting providers are able to make this possible because they have their own very powerful server which is capable of storing the website files with the high-frequency connection.

Why is the domain name required?

why is domain name required

A unique name that identifies a website is called a domain name. A domain name serves as an address by which a website can be accessed. That is why it is important for every website to have a domain name. It is a very significant tool for the websites if they want to build their name.

The base of a website is its domain name. The website cannot be found without its domain name. Having a domain name allows the businesses to draw a large number of new clients along with increasing the product trade volume. Usually, people choose a domain name related to the kind of content they present on their website. But one can choose a completely unrelated name as well. The only requirement is for it to be unique. One can also purchase a domain name to protect their brand by putting a restriction on their domain name to be used by another website.

Every business that wants an online presence must invest in the domain name. It gets added after www or HTTP.

A few more reasons to have a domain name are as follows:

  • Copyrights and trademarks:

In simpler words, the right to copy is called copyright. The legal right of an owner of intellectual property is called copyright. This means that the people who created a work originally, only they can reproduce that work or the people whom these original creators grant the permission can reproduce the work.

Trademark can be a symbol, word, phrase or anything that distinguishes one business from another. Domain name protects copyrights and trademarks making the website secure from piracy.

  • Brand awareness:

Brand awareness means a marketing term which refers to the ability of the consumers to recognize a brand by its name. The more the brand awareness, the more chances of gaining popularity. It is one of the very important parts of promotion strategies. A domain name helps in increasing brand awareness.

  • Credibility:

Credibility means the quality of being trusted or believable or convincing. A domain name builds the credibility of websites making it trustworthy.

  • Search engine positioning:

For achieving numerous results in search engines for particular keywords, web pages need to be continuously optimized. This process of continuously optimizing web pages is called search engine positioning. Domain name increases search engine positioning and makes the website more visible and accessible.

There are various types of web hosting like shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, VPS web hosting, reseller web hosting, etc. Since there are various types of web hosting, there are various web hosting providers as well like, GoDaddy, HostGator, Hostinger, Bluehost, etc. All of these websites are quite good. In this article, we will have a closer look at Bluehost.

Bluehost web hosting

Bluehost web hosting review

Bluehost was started in 1996 and it became one of the most popular and biggest web hosting service providers steadily. It has more than 2 million companies to whom it provides its services. According to Top10.com, it has a rating of 9.9 out of 10, which is quite fantastic. Bluehost is among one of the biggest web hosting companies. It was officially recommended by WordPress in 2006 and has a long-standing relationship with WordPress. Bluehost offers a variety of hosting plans for beginners to big businesses. It also provides them with 24/7 customer support.

Bluehost and WordPress

Bluehost has the following features:

  • Unlimited disk storage
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Drag and drop site builder is free
  • Support international domain name
  • Free domain name for one year
  • 3 different webmail solutions
  • Add-ons and parked domains
  • Subdomains
  • FTB access
  • Custom Cron Jobs
  • SSH (Secure Shell) Access
  • Hotlink protection
  • cPanel account control panel
  • Spam assassin protection
  • POP3/POP3 secure email support
  • Web file manager
  • 50 GB of disk space for a WordPress website
  • Forwarding email accounts and unlimited emails
  • IMAP/Secure IMAP email support
  • $200 marketing credit
  • Customizable error pages
  • LOD files
  • Override .htaccess support
  • Side statistics
  • MySQL database

      Bluehost web hosting review


  1. Server Uptime:

For web hosting companies, the standard industry uptime is somewhere around 99%. If the uptime is less than 99%, then the website is all set for its downfall. Bluehost has 99.9% server uptime which is more than the standard industry uptime. They offer 99.9% for their lower plans as well. This is simply more than amazing for the websites.

  1. Pricing:

Bluehost has plans for every group of businesses be it the smaller ones or the larger ones. Its plans are within the reach of most of the users. This makes it all the more alluring. They also have 30-day money-back guarantee policy with them. So, it becomes very economical to choose Bluehost.

  1. Security measures:

When choosing a web hosting provider, one of the most important concerns is security. Bluehost provides automated daily backups. Cloudflare is a very popular name in the CDN industry. Bluehost uses Cloudflare to outsource its security protection.

  1. Beginner-friendly:

Bluehost has a user-friendly interface and it provides a proper explanation for the technical elements. It also has various tutorials for the workings of things provided by Bluehost. All of this makes it quite easy for beginners to start their website.

  1. Customer support:

Bluehost provides its users with 24/7/365 customer support through various platforms like phone, chat, email, etc. They have very qualified tech support who are very efficient in attending to the users’ problems and providing them with a solution immediately.

  1. Domain and SSL certificate:

Bluehost provides its users with a free domain and free SSL certificate with all the plans. Furthermore, SSL certificates protect the users’ connections between the website and its visitors.

  1. Servers:

Bluehost has high-speed servers. They are not the fastest server. But still are fast enough for your work to get done smoothly. Also, the speed depends on the type of web hosting being used. Dedicated web hosting provides better speed than shared web hosting.

  1. No hidden charges:

At the time of creating your account on Bluehost, they do not charge anything. This makes it accessible to even small businesses who have limited resources.


  1. High renewal price:

Bluehost like all the other web hosting companies increases the price of its plans at the time of renewal. This means that the users have to pay more than what they paid the first time while purchasing a plan. All the web hosting companies including Bluehost offer the first purchase of any plan at lower prices. This is done to attract users. They increase the price at the time of renewal. It is their pricing strategy.

  1. Upgrades and add-ons:

Bluehost has expensive upgrades and add-on features. Bluehost still is cheaper than other web hosting companies. For the businesses that are just starting, stock hosting is recommended. Because the upgrades and add-ons increase the monthly costs.

  1. Site transfer:

Bluehost does not provide free site transfer. The businesses are expected to pay a certain amount if they want to move over to Bluehost from an existing server.

Everything has pros and cons, it is inevitable. People are expected to weigh the pros and cons and choose accordingly. Bluehost has quite wonderful benefits. For someone starting new, Bluehost is just the perfect web hosting platform. Because it is pocket friendly and has just the right tools.

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