Go Daddy: Why you shouldn’t choose it & a detailed analysis

Go Daddy: Why you shouldn’t choose it & a detailed analysis

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I am writing quite a well number of blogs online for some days. I always approached a positive intuition regarding the hosting services and guided you out with different perspective regarding the choice of hosting service best for your website. But while writing those, I compared a lot and thought to give you some of the demerits of the Go Daddy Services.

Everyone in this world always care for the cost effectiveness. But the integrity between the service and the cost effectiveness is always an important parameter for anyone to study about. These blogs will emphasize highly on the defective principles of Go Daddy services & will induce a proper scenario in your regarding it.

Now, to understand about web hosting, we have to know what “Web hosting” is. Now, web hosting companies reserve space on the web server for a website. So, they are hosting a web site. Thus, the Host takes advantage of space on the web servers, that is, the web servers are the home where the website is stored. Now, having a good web host is always important to enrich traffic to the website. We all know that there are some of the different companies that provide hosting solutions in just one click. But we must be very practical about our purpose. It is okay to know the names, but it is more important to judge what is best for your business. So, if you want to know how to choose a host, instead of just knowing the names and their features. This article is for you. I guarantee you will get well-researched content in this article that will help you and your business grow.

So, this was a quick revision regarding web hosting. Now let’s get started.


Before we have discussed some of the very important facts regarding our point of discussion. Now we will focus entirely on our topic and we will try to tackle the problem in a very simple way. Also, a suggestion for you that do read my previous blogs to understand the terminology and consequences of the mode of discussion we used to do. So, without wasting more time lets move towards the blog and make your time useful.

Categorization of business is always important for any business. So, you should be clear enough about the category of your business with the other cofactors so that you can understand the game properly.


Go Daddy is one of those service providers which are trusted and cheap. Users trust the company and as their total packages are low, they go for it. But before joining they can’t understand that there is quite a lengthy factor where the company charges the money. After using the service, it soon realized that their cost is not low but is made low by deleting all the functionalities required. For example, SSL certificates, Simple landing page customization etc., are free for most of the other companies but Go Daddy charges for it.

Thus, Go Daddy can feel like cheap for you but there is quite a big gap between the business policy and the features. So, these can be a most important reason for you not to go to Go Daddy’s Hosting solutions.


Go Daddy provides too little control for the developers. Due to the absence of cPanel any developer has to work more. Go Daddy avails its users an Admin Interface which is centrally not so effective and can be said to one of the sellers of Go Daddy products. The Admin interface is such that to work on it one has to work hard. So, it’s always better for you not to choose services which enable you less control over your website as well as increase the toughness of your work.

This can also be a potential reason for you not to get any Go Daddy services for your website.


WordPress integration is also a very hard process for Go Daddy. The service provided by Go Daddy aren’t that much affluent like others. It needs quite a lot of work to be done to install the WordPress integration.

Go Daddy advertises to be one of the affluent solutions of WordPress but if you ask some of the experienced guys in web industry, they will guide you out.

This problem can be a great demerit for those who have WordPress websites.


Go Daddy is slow can be a manipulated term for you. But themes one of the most productive theme creators of WordPress have posted a blog regarding the bad, insufficient services provided by Go Daddy.

So, you should visit the link- https://ithemes.com/ithemes-doesnt-recommend-godaddy-hosting-heres-why/  provided below to get the most conditioned summary regarding the mismanagement and not so great services provided by Go Daddy.


Above I have discussed quite a number of points regarding the disadvantages of the services provided by Go Daddy. There can be also other factors for not choosing the services of Go Daddy. But if you have been using Go Daddy and still find it ok to continue with the company there is no offences.

This article is entirely targeted to the new generation audience who are opting to get joined with the Digital Marketing industry.

Now If we try to compare the services of Go Daddy with other services then you will find that there is not a single service that can be said to be uniquely low for Go Daddy. So, we should be watching out to other services to get more optimal services at low cost. Now getting such services can be hard for you but not impossible. High paid service always doesn’t mean that only those are great. There are some of the hosting services available which are high priced yet bad. The converse case is also true. So, you should be aware enough about some of the most important points before choosing your hosting solutions.


Choosing a correct hosting service is always important for a company to grow. Now to decide which is best for your company is also important. You should be wise enough to judge what is good for your company and what is bad for your company. The main factor required for any company to grow is to develop its credibility in the market as well as a good customer company relation.

Here I am listing some of the most important points you should follow before choosing any hosting services for your website.

1. Basic Tools:

For anything we do in life, we need some of the basic tools to start with. So, when you are going to start your website, be sure that the company is giving you all the basic tools you need. You should judge by researching articles and studying the company’s procedure regarding this service.

You may thing what will happen if you may not have all the basic tools. Suppose you are developing something on your website. Now if you have not all the results available to work that out then it will be a mess. So, having basic tools in hand means having the freedom of doing in your hand. Your basic tools may not be fast but its essential as it will make a remark on a long go.

2. Good Customer Support:

Having good customer support is always important. A good customer means the simplification of 90% problems. So, you should check the procedures and policies of customer support in the company you are opting to take hosting services. Getting your problem solved leads to the resolving of your customer problems. So, doing all this procedure you will gain the trust among your users.

The relationship between the company and the user is always an important factor. So, try to take services which are more customer supportive like having live support or technical support for 24 x 7. Having such will reduce the lags and problems you face while running your website.

3. cPanel:

Those who have no idea regarding the web development may not know about cPanel. So, you can go to internet and there are a lot of information about it, just check it!

This tip may sound stupid. But having cPanel is a very important for your website. cPanel optimizes your work experience on the website and it makes the life of the developer easier. So, to have hazzle free and easy to use interface, do confirm that the company in which you are going to take the service must provide cPanel.

Many people can advise you that these doesn’t matter. May be that’s true. But when there is option for you then why will you waste your energy in random work which can be managed easily. So, keep this cPanel thing in mind. These can be a great beneficial for you.


These were some of the points you should follow while choosing a hosting solution for your website. The point what I made above regarding Go Daddy are well researched and these problems can demotivate from your work. So, these articles motive was to increase your awareness regarding such service so that you should loss your energy due to some lacky services.

I hope reading this article is a good utilization of time for you. Goodbye! Meet you in the next article.

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