Marketing is advertising and branding of the products for our essential purposes in our day-to-day purposes. Marketing is held out in two ways Digital marketing and Traditional marketing. Digital marketing is marketing via social media sites and other websites on the internet. Traditional marketing is marketing via newspapers, articles, and banners for small businesses and big businesses too branding.


The marketing media serves as a way to advertise both commercial and business-related products in society. To reach the people we are involved in the marketing area. People are these days very much working on digital marketing as it is the current trend all over the world. Traditional marketing is also quite famous but it is not as popular as digital marketing these days.

Before the introduction of the technology, the business people only way of advertising was the newspaper and other postal services to make their products reach the people and now also all the small companies and startup are providing the advertisements and it is not quite a popular thing these days. People aren’t quite interested in watching the full paper too. Hence let us see what are the differences between digital and traditional marketing and let us also know what are they and how is their response in the marketing area these days.



A person who is investing a minimum budget in his business the first thing he would prefer to advertise in the newspaper as they are not so very costly and believe that most of the people will view it too. The newspaper the size of the advertisement will decide the cost of that advertisement. It is quite economical compared to digital marketing and also there are not a lot of procedures like digital marketing.

Traditional marketing is the oldest way of advertising and people still show a great deal of supporting them. A lot of companies used to advertise the product as a single structure in traditional marketing, like placing the product’s details on the billboards.

The billboards just would tell what the product is and nothing more is expected and after which everyone starts talking about it the product gets popularized slowly by this way.


Small companies are very much involved in advertising via traditional marketing as they can’t invest a lot in advertising.

The large companies keep this as a part of their advertising as they can invest a lot. They concentrate on all areas of branding and advertising. The planning for traditional marketing has to be very unique like it must attract the people at the first sight of view.

The branding people in this marketing will have to make catchy slogans and simple and attractive words and pictures related to it. The companies would do these till now even the technology has developed.

Because they believe that people are still attracted to billboard and newspaper fashion. It is true only though the work is bit high and cost too, the people are very much addicted to watching the advertisement in public places.

And they believe that is attractive and the slogans would grasp their mind of looking to the product.



These days the companies aren’t quite investing a lot in traditional marketing the cost for the paper printing. And for building the billboards for advertisement. The government has issued a ban on billboards as they are causing accidents during the windy times in the cities and the printing press has increased the rates of the paper too.

This has led to the decrease of their production and the companies are not doing a large scale of advertising these days. Some still do due to the name they have among the people and try to attract.

Certain communities are still watching towards the newspapers and the billboards to watch for the advertisement. The reasons for traditional marketing are down.



Digital marketing is the latest and the most comfortable way of doing business. The companies and the investors are now doing a lot of business deals and also advertising the products on the internet.

It serves as a big platform for advertising products not only in a particular area but also all around the globe. People are these days very much attracted towards social media and visiting the product websites to buy their household products and companies are also now doing online trading platforms which is the best way to serve time and do the business in hours.

Advertising and branding in social media and other websites are not as difficult as is traditional marketing.

The companies won’t be spending for each and everything like that in traditional marketing. This is very economical to work too and people are very much viewing these as compared to the newspapers and the billboards. This is very much easy because we can directly ask our clients what the product they are selling and how it works and all the other necessary details related to a product at the moment itself.

It makes not only the customers satisfied but also the people conducting from their sites. As they don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on the problem of asking for sessions online or in the office. The internet works on the thing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the online business to continue.


The better we keep our company on top of the SEO the better will attract the people. Hence the people will be mainly working on the SEO for their marketing online. The online way of doing is now the current trend for all the people in the field of it and it will become the next period of this.

People are nowadays aren’t spending the most time watching Television or reading the newspaper to look for the products. For example, on one site Amazon will show us nearly thousands of household products from different companies at the same time we don’t have to ask others about the thing that is entered to do things.

The online has made the market department in the society and people are a lot more attracted to the online method of doing the business.



The online way of doing helps people in a lot more ways and it has problems too. The problems of online marketing in doing advertisement and branding of the things the people will want to buy.

The online way of doing this is that if a company is not at the top of the SEO search. Then it will be reducing the opportunities for them to advertise show them to society. People won’t spend taking the time scrolling down the pages to view the different sites of branding. The topmost preference that comes in the internet search. It will be their first preference to look whether it is good or wrong or worthy or not.

To stay on the top of the SEO needs to do some planning and regular update of the products. And always staying connected in people most watching things and being quick in responses. For the customers regarding their doubts and queries. In a particular thing of branding that the company is displaying.

The problem with the people is the negative comments is an influence the minds of people.

The people see the video of the product and give positive comments and negative comments. The problem usually the industries will be handling.

However hard the people in it will be working it will still be difficult to do so. The only way is they must deliver the product with the full support that it should not get any average or wrong comments.



The way of doing the business depends on the companies and it is also. According to the people of the products, it gets to sale amongst the people. The two are varying in a lot of ways.

The points are to say the variations between them in the market.

  • In an online way, the cost is efficient and in the normal way, it is a little bit high. As it is online we don’t have to invest a lot for this type of business.
  • The conventional way of people buying involves lots of work in passing a single advertisement. But for the online way of doing if the idea and the good way to properly manage it. Then the internet itself will show us several ways to display that advertisement.
  • The conventional way of doing attracts all the age of people. But the online doing will make all the people to people to do it. As they are spending a lot of time on it.
  • The online way of doing will need to take care of a lot of policy. But for the conventional way of doing it, it is not as many as that of the online one.
  • The product failure or success depends on the passage of the advertisement about the product. It is a good way for the product is getting popular. The two things will be the same as the conventional way of delivering.
  • The normal way of advertisement always makes the people remember those things. It is the simplest way than that of the online ways of doing.



We have seen how the online and the people normally is there. Both of the techniques will be to do the favor of business people to work of doing business. But still, the difference and the two of them are there and it will be existing too.

The people and the industries are adopting according to their advertising techniques in both the business doing methods. The difference in the doing of business is different in branding. Yet this is how they support each other and get the good things to the people. Hence this is what we looked at in the article.

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