There has been a technological revolution around the globe. Consequently, digitalization has gained immense attention. Everything has been transformed into digital ways. Be it banking or shopping or booking for hotels, flights, everything can be done online these days. In fact, the government is urging people to shift to online mode. Schemes like Digital India has been launched by the government to bring digitalization to India. This has been done to make the country digitally empowered in the field of technology.

Digital marketing is one of the results of digitalization. Almost every company is having their website on the internet these days. This has made things more convenient for people. Digital marketing includes a lot of things. Digital marketing constantly uses various social media platforms.

One such platform is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is widely being used for marketing these days. LinkedIn marketing means a type of marketing process which uses LinkedIn as a medium to build connections, business relationships and partnerships with other businesses. It also helps in generating leads, spreading awareness about the brands, sharing the content of different brands, driving traffic towards one’s own brand.

LinkedIn marketing and its benefits

LinkedIn marketing is a B2B marketing platform. B2B marketing means business-to-business marketing in simple terms. It is a type of marketing where one business sells its products and services to other businesses or organizations.

LinkedIn marketing is a tad bit expensive for paid marketing than marketing on other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. This is because Facebook and Instagram have more users than LinkedIn. This means that Facebook and Instagram can serve cheaper ads as the chances of a person seeing the same ad over and over again gets minimized. Whereas on LinkedIn a person is very likely to see the same ads quite often.

LinkedIn marketing and its benefits


  1. Forecasted results:

LinkedIn has a feature of forecasted results. It allows businesses to estimate their performance against their target audience. It gives them some sort of idea relating to the impression on others, CTR, clicks, spends. An idea about these things then helps the businesses to improvise their strategies to reach their marketing goals.

  1. Click demographics:

Click demographics allows a business to get access to hidden data on the company’s name, size, location, job function, etc. This data gives the businesses an insight into who is interacting with their campaigns and visiting their website. This in turn helps the businesses to identify the target audience for their different campaigns.

  1. Interest targeting:

Interest targeting allows businesses to reach members with relevant ads that fit their professional interests. On LinkedIn, there are two options to go about this:

  • Members groups

This lets them target their ads according to the users that are likely to be a part of certain groups like career management, video professionals, etc.

  • Members interests

This lets them target people based on the kind of content they engage with on the given platform.

This helps the business to draw their campaigns more efficiently based on the engagement of others with their brand.

  1. Objective-based advertising:

This feature of LinkedIn allows businesses to choose the format of their ads as per their marketing goals. This makes the whole process time-efficient.

LinkedIn marketing and its benefits

  1. LinkedIn Learning:

This feature helps people to satiate their hunger for knowledge. It offers various skills as courses for people to learn. If one is curious or wants to learn more about a certain topic, LinkedIn is the right place for them. There is no end to knowledge. So, this feature helps the businesses to keep themselves updated with the new trends and strategies. This makes them more confident in dealing with their clients’ questions.

  1. LinkedIn events:

This feature allows businesses to find various webinars, meetups and all sorts of such event that are happening on LinkedIn on a certain date. This feature helps to build connections and also allows them to have a look at what their competitors are organizing. They can thus make changes in their campaigns and events to stand out on the platform.

  1. Activity status:

This feature shows whether a respective account is online or not. If they are online it will show a green dot on their profile. This helps businesses in knowing about the availability of the account they are trying to contact. This increases the chances of their notes getting received by the respective accounts and getting a response by them. As the businesses can send in their things at the time when the other person is online, this makes it possible for the chances to increase.

  1. Advanced search:

When a person searches for something, they get endless results. After some time they start to get bored of scrolling through all the searches and eventually give up. The best searches offer the option of filters to narrow down the searching process. The advanced search has been made easier by LinkedIn by including filters which makes it easier to find what and who we are looking for. These filters help to make your content easily accessible to people. All you have to do is keep your information up-to-date.

  1. LinkedIn publishing:

This feature allows people to publish their content. It has been existing for a very long time but some improvisations have been made in this feature. One such advancement is that one can now publish their content under “Public” status which would make their content available to even those people who have not signed up on LinkedIn. This increases a business’ reach. As by sharing their knowledge, they start conversations which leads to new opportunities and building up of new connections. It increases their credibility when they direct their clients to their articles.

Now, let us discuss the importance of LinkedIn marketing:

Importance of LinkedIn

  1. Popularity:

LinkedIn has turned into a very popular platform for B2B marketing in the past decade. LinkedIn is the third most used platforms for marketing by business owners. So, it increases the chances of businesses using this platform to gain popularity themselves.

  1. Effective platform:

LinkedIn has emerged as a very effective platform for the lead generation. Lead generation means the process or action of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’ services or products. Studies have found that the lead generation quite often visits sites on LinkedIn as compared to Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Increases visibility:

A well-optimized LinkedIn profile or company page is more likely to appear as highly ranked in the Google search. This is how LinkedIn increases the online visibility of a business’ brand.

  1. Thought leadership:

LinkedIn helps businesses to establish their brands as an industry leader. One of the benefits includes joining groups and networks that have key personalities and influencers within their industry. It helps them to position themselves as an influential part of the industry and build their image as a renowned personality in the field of their interest.


LinkedIn has crossed Facebook as the most important platform for B2B marketing used by marketers and companies. LinkedIn not only enhances a business’ online presence but it has also played a very vital role in enhancing the face-to-face relationships of various enterprises. Due to the effectiveness of LinkedIn for expanding business relations, it has become an integral part of a lot of businesses worldwide. It helps in bringing out the most of the strategies adopted by the business. It also helps the business to deduce the strategies that can be beneficial to them by analyzing their target audience’s preferences.

LinkedIn and its benefits

LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and ever since it has been only growing and gaining popularity. It is basically centred around career networking, sharing and building. There are a lot of jobs available on LinkedIn. And if we look at it more discretely, it will not be wrong to say that looking for a job is like marketing yourself. So, even in that respect, LinkedIn marketing has been proving itself time and again. It also enables businesses to connect and share content with a large number of people like professionals, employers, etc. and helps a brand build its name.

Considering all the features and importance of LinkedIn it becomes very clear that it has the power to enhance and make a business very successful. This is why it is recommended for every business enterprise to be connected to other businesses through LinkedIn. LinkedIn marketing is going to gain more popularity in the coming days given its quality features. Having one’s business on LinkedIn is very important for their betterment as LinkedIn marketing is an amazing tool for marketing.

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