Key things of B2B VS B2C A Digital View of B2B AND B2C

Key things of B2B VS B2C A Digital View of B2B AND B2C


Key things of B2B VS B2C. Digital or business marketing is considered to be B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business). Both of them serve as a before the marketing. But still, they differ in some aspects which makes them different headings. To know about each one of the first and then let us know what are the differences between them.



Business to Consumers (B2C):

In simple words, we could say selling the products directly to the consumers. Consumer here refers to the ordinary people who want to use products for daily life purposes. This is tough work though for the marketers. The marketers have to work regularly to know what are the people’s needs. As they change from day today. The marketers here will be looking into the following things as needs of the people, treating the problems of the people for their products, delivering the products without any hindrance. Well, the analysis part here is quite very large as the buying of products varies from region to region. So the business develops well enough.


Key things of B2B VS B2C Business to Consumers (B2C):

Key things of B2B VS B2C

Hence this is how Business to Consumers works in the digital market. Most of the graduating students would prefer doing or would want to be a part of the Business to Consumer part. When it comes to salary a normal worker let us for example take Software Engineer in a B2C company gets an average salary of (Rs. 82000 per month) and (9 lakhs approximately per year). It is higher than B2B. And hence that’s why people would like to have a job offer in B2C companies for this high salary ratio here.


Business to Business(B2B):

This is also a part of digital marketing. From the name itself, we can come to know that the Business to Business is amongst the capitals. Well, Business to Business is not as analytical as that of the Business to Consumer. This is due to the business talks are over the companies or industries in the trading business. Hence the knowledge sharing of the contents will be so very straightforward. Well, the difficult part is, as B2C works a main part in the marketing the expectation on the B2C is very high, even a small stake or fundraiser is not carried into the account of the company, the loss that it will be facing in the subsequent months will be tremendous and it will take years for them to come back to the business marketing also, this will literally affect the Business to Consumers too. “How do they get affected?

What are the key features of Business to Business(B2B):

Key things of B2B VS B2C

Hence this will affect the B2C company’s shares too. Hence to avoid such kinds of things some small or startup B2B companies won’t be involved in these investments. Here the average salary ratio of a Software engineer is around (Rs. 51000 per month) and (6 lakhs approximately per year). It is quite minimal compared to that of the B2C companies because the planning and strategy are high but still the effort put in these B2B companies are relatively small as to that of the B2C companies, and hence the salary is somewhat different in the fields of B2B companies.



Till now we have been looking at the two major things in digital marketing. Now let us know what are the differences what makes them look different and work differently in this market. This is how every marketer in the market looks at the B2B and B2C companies amongst themselves. They are almost different from the Business to Business ?”. They are different but, most of the B2C companies will be having some kind of share among the B2B companies as the B2B companies will be having the method of excellent planning for their production company clients. So to improve B2C company growth in the market there would be a small investment in the products.

Maintaining the relationships in B2C Key things of B2B VS B2C:

Maintaining the relationships is the first most prior thing amongst both the companies in the digital marketing field to be balanced on either side of the economy. Key things of B2B VS B2C

  • A Business Consumer would maintain the transactional relationship. That is amongst their customer products and not among the companies or with the companies. If a consumer says the product is not so very good means they used to complain via e-mail to look into the problem. These could be easily be resolved by any of the market holders as they function as a big team to look into this consumer problem for each company. And will be holding a very smooth relationship, only in some very minor cases of about 2% or 1% the problem gets too very critical it may lead to the loss of a regular customer for the company. This is how the relationship is transactional in B2C companies.


Maintaining the relationships in B2B:

  • In B2B companies they would maintain a personal relationship. Why is this different from B2C? Most of the B2B companies would like to have a joint relationship with the other B2B companies to develop their profit in the markets. This is how they earn stakes in the shares in digital marketing. If this relationship is not holding good for either of one of the countries. For example, let us take two companies A and B among which if B company doesn’t look good at the terms and conditions of the A company. Then they would conclude termination of the relationship between the A and B companies. And the b company would try to lower the market of the A company by creating a very bad review in the markets. This is a very big problem in the digital market for the A company. This company will not be able to tie-up with the other company for any business relationship so it will become very difficult for the b company to deliver the things. Hence, this is the relationship in B2B companies. This is why B2B companies are always at risk in the market, but if the relationships are so good, the company will be so good to stand in the market. Hence this place holds a very important company in the market.

Branding in the markets Key things of B2B VS B2C:

Branding stands a difference between both the B2B and B2C companies let us know how it is. Key things of B2B VS B2C

  • It is something which is quite very important in the Business to Business companies. Why is not important in B2C? It is important but the prior importance is to B2B. The B2B companies have to show their products to their joint companies for the approval for the product or even to explain the budget development of the current project and even to explain a plan for approval. Hence branding parts the main role in B2B companies. The better they provide the branding amongst the companies the further will be the content approval amongst the companies involved in the project for doing the project successfully.


Branding is also an important thing in B2C companies. To reach the customers in a more preferable and a very good way is for the Business to Consumer companies. To advertise products to the people the branding plays a major role for the customers to make them buy the product to the people.

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