How to monetize a website?

How to monetize a website?

Earning good income from a website in likely to everyone but needs a lot of hard work. Website Monetization is a type of service that requires total transparency of facts. Monetization requires a lot of time and dedication. We might not get the expected amount at first but we must not discourage ourselves.

When blogging and web-marketing become professions from the list of passions, it make people easily assume that making money through internet is simple, which is somehow technically true and they just create a blog, choose one of the frequently recommended monetization strategy and watch money goes up. But according to research, around 68% bloggers earn $5000 a year whereas some of the new bloggers leave the idea of blogging when gets late in receiving a single dollar.

This occurs because making website is easy, but maintaining it requires a lot of unpaid hours before the work of monetization starts. We need to have a lot of patience for this business process, of we power up through the initial stage, Make up proper audience, publish regular contents with new topics, keep an eye on target audiences, keep them in email list and work over month then we would definitely Have good chance of success.

There are certain strategies to monetize a website:-

  1. Pay-per-click Advertising:-

PPC advertising is placing ads on Google search engine result pages to drive people to our websites easily. This is the most popular strategy to attract visitors to our websites easily and obtain high-quality leads.

PPC ads are required through a biding process, from Google Adwords on Google platform publishers search for keywords which suits the interest of people. Among the used keywords, the keyword with highest ranking gets its top slot position in the keyword search platform. Publishers also use platforms like ahref tools and semrush sites to search keywords for public interest.Website

2.Video ads:-

Just like sponsoring articles and recommended thumbnails for websites, publishers can also sponsor and recommend video ads. Video ads are sold by cost per completed view(CPCV) or coat per thousands impressions (CPTM). This type of strategy helps advertisers to target the right audience having proper content suiting their interests and allignment in behavior.

Advertisers pay for video ads when ads get proper view and remain silent by default, thereby letting the audience control their viewing experience and continue enjoyment in our site. But viewers prefer the Taboola video ads company 2.4 times more than other disruptive ads company as it earn over 3billion views in US and could increase its viewability by 70% to earn more.Website

3.Selling ad space:-

Advertisement is essential for every business. So, publishers sells ad space of their websites to earn money to advertisers directly or by programming through an ad network. Selling ad space will maximize the revenue money of publishers.

The advertisements would be shaped in various positions as per the publishers interest and according to money count, it may a link on bottom of the page, may be pop-up on entering the website, or have side banners. However, every style have its particular different rate, so we should also have price negotiation control.

But we can never use this method, if our website doesn’t have high conversion rate and traffic. This method of strategies utilizes pay-per-click process, where the advertiser pay the publishers on the clicking rate ad visits to its site through the ad.Website

4.Affiliate marketing:-

Website owners having brands for getting a platform for their promotion gets connected with affiliate network. After being connected, they join the network and promote the products through possible advertisements to exchange commission. Publisher earns commission on every reference of a customer buying the product or also could be commissioned by pay-per-click process, impressions, and engagements.

For example, if there is ad for buying a lipstick worth $50, there is 50% commission of the publisher, then whenever anyone visit the ad and buy the product the publisher would get $25 as commission. This strategy of joining with a affiliated networks is done by publishers to earn money consistently per visit.

5.Flipping websites:-

To earn profit publisher are allowed to go to any limit. As flipping phones, publishers flip the websites which needs work to earn profit. It literally means to find an online platform which need maintenance, then improve its design, publish content, open it for marketability, improve its success in engagement and having traffics and at last sell it to other interested parties. Publishers can also flip a website from scratch and make it eligible for working in it and save the money for starting a new website or business.Website

6.Donation-based Monetization:-

It has a very charming and kind motive for publishers.  There are many publishers who create content on a free basis as a side-hustle or hobby, they always have a loyal fan base and visitors return to their site regularly.

So, they set up a donation system and ask readers to donate through PayPal or Venmo apps as much as they want, thereby helping their favorite website to run. This donation-based monetization mode of strategy is used instead of advertising where some publishers seedonation from reader suiting their interests.


It is not enough to know about the strategies on how to monetize a website which will make us more money, but we should also look forward to know about some well-known mistaken strategies that we should always avoid as they would decrease our income rate highly. If we are really concerned about earning from websites eagerly, we need to avoid certain strategies like:-

  1. Display ads:-

Bloggers think with the display of variety of ads they could earn more money which is the worst thought they would ever have. Under a variety of huge ad network, it is easy to post banners but it doesn’t yield much to us.

This because now a days, 25% users use ad blocking software to block ads in websites for which they don’t see our ads. Next, if we want to earn $100,000 through Google Adsense, we need to have 20,000 daily visitors and 25% extra visitors for people who uses ad blockers. And some other people have mixed feelings about ads which result in our loss.

In the main part, ads never raise our importance and according to research, 91% people feels ads to be intrusive than 2-3years ago and other 79% feels ads to be creepy and waste of time to look at. Ads always lower the value of our brand and alienate readers.

2.Selling links:-

On disclosure, sponsor posts never mess up with our Google rankings for better position in websites. But if someone states explicitly to provide a do-follow link and for more information link in its website for price related confirmation of readers, he/she will have to give a surefire penalty.

Through Google Web Spam team, it is always warned to bloggers not to get indulge in selling backlinks or participate in link schemes. So, it is better ignore when someone asks us for link or provides us link for any issue.

3.RSS Feed Ads:-

This is an old school monetization method which should be avoided by now to make it feel retired. There are some people who still use this method or maintain it in their blogs. It does nothing but makes our website look cluttered without putting any proper impact also.

Beyond everything our audience/viewers/visitors comes at the first place. No strategy could help us, until and unless we spend time in growing of readership qualities for getting better viewers and establishing our reputation online infront of all types of audience.

We never need to apply all strategies to earn a good amount of money but we can also get success using one method only and can also experiment with the mixed streams choices for examining the respond capacity of our viewers. Experimenting in different aspects will skill up the working and make our website able for monetization.

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