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Everyone is nowadays expanding business online. Digital Marketing is getting to be acknowledged for business growth models. In this verge of development having an ‘Web Hosting’ as well as Domain. In one of my previous articles, I have discussed about domain and a detailed over view about it. Now it’s time to start with another prospective of Web Development that is web hosting. Having a relevant web hosting solution is very important for any business to grow. Now as websites nowadays are not only relevant for business but many other purposes. But I will mention the term business a multiple time because whatever the purpose can be, the main target is to enrich the web traffic. BLUEHOST & HOSTINGER are one of the most famous companies in this field.

Now we have discussed in an earlier article about the different aspects a person should take care of before choosing a hosting solution. Now in this article we will be discussing further about the most famous company ‘Bluehost’. Why it is being preferred than the others. We will discuss about the different aspects of the service & its different way one should choose it. We will discuss this keeping a beginner’s perspective in mind. So, let’s start the discussion and progress towards a conclusive study about the company.

In this article we are going to discuss a comparison which is very crucial and famous. We are going to compare between two of the most famous Hosting service companies. The first name if ‘Bluehost’ & another one is ‘HOSTINGER’.

Reader of our website are aware of the trends of the discussion. We use of the relevant methodologies to discuss the topics. So, in this article also we will consider some of the most important parameters to compare both the services. This comparison will be highly simplified as well as detailed. If you are in a hurry and didn’t have much of a time to research, you have reached the perfect destination. So, follow the article till the end to get the full analysis. let’s start discussing without wasting more time.



a)       Features, Performance, & Ease of Use

b)     Best WordPress Integration

c)     Better Switching Process

d)     Customer Support

e)     Pricing and Value for money

These are the parameters we will be considering to compare the service. As reading the bullet point you have realized that this are some of the relevant points, we all think about. So, let’s start with our first parameter.


Bluehost, as well as HOSTINGER both, have a great feature relevance. As they are sitting on the top of the market, they are very serious about their features. Here I am giving you a brief difference in both the services:

Free domain Yes Yes
Control panel No cPanel
Free backups No Yes
Disk space 50GB-UNLIMITED 100 GB
Uptime 99.97 %-100% 99.98 %-100%


So, considering the features above mentioned we can see that HOSTINGER and Bluehost are offering the services but have some of the difference. Firstly, Bluehost is availing you a free backup while HOSTINGER isn’t. Having a backup is always helpful for any website, so here the Bluehost is considerable. In the second case, Bluehost is giving a limited Disk space although HOSTINGER is giving a lot of space. So, from these perspectives, HOSTINGER will be preferred more than that of Bluehost. The features in HOSTINGER are slightly less effective in terms of any website to stay updated.

Therefore, from the first point we can see that BLUEHOST is a step ahead than HOSTINGER in terms of user friendliness.

Now let’s move to the next point.

2.Best WORDPRESS Integration:

According to some of the surveys, 35% of the total web is WordPress. So, for creation of a website the majorities choice is to have WordPress. Now a good host should take care of the problems regarding the installations of WordPress.

WordPress offers a beginner friendly WordPress hosting starting from $ 2.95/month as well as VPS powered fully managed plans at $19.99/month.

  • A)Officially recommended by WordPress: Bluehost is officially recommended by and has worked closely with WordPress.
  • B) Installing WordPress: Blue host has always made it simple for its users to install WordPress and have increased the user-friendly interface so that anyone with no experience can also make it possible.
  • C) WordPress speed: Bluehost gives a great WordPress speed which enables the creator to do plenty of work in the WordPress and can increase the user readability.

So, when we are talking about the WordPress, undoubtedly Bluehost is a clear winner. Bluehost offers a one clicks service which anyone can’t provide. Also, Bluehost has been recommended by WordPress itself since 2005. WordPress have recommended only 3 companies and among them Bluehost is the one. So, in terms of WordPress, Bluehost is a clear winner.

3.Better Switching Process:

If you want to switch your hosting service from one to another. Both Bluehost and HOSTINGER doesn’t make it hard for you. But there is a clear winner among them.

Bluehost offers a free switching services with a one-time fee of $149.99. By paying with this fee, the company allows to switch in 5 websites and 20 email services. Also, Bluehost offers free switching services for WordPress websites who qualifies the criteria as set up by Bluehost.

HOSTINGER needs more work to be done. It’s doable but it doesn’t offer automated switching like Bluehost.

So clearly in terms of switching, Bluehost is always better than any other services.

4.Customer Support:

Good help and support are invaluable in hosting. Things don’t go wrong often, but when they do you want the techies in your corner.

Bluehost and HOSTINGER both tick most of the boxes, offering knowledge centres, live chat, and 24/7 phone support. For commonplace problems this is all you’re likely to need.

Bluehost Knowledge Centre is a bit more thorough – it even exceeded our customer service expectations by 15%. That said, HOSTINGER knowledge centre is also helpful. And if you don’t find the information, you’re looking for there, both providers are so widely used that someone, somewhere will have encountered the same problem as you and shared the solution online.

The big difference is Bluehost offers support tickets while HOSTINGER doesn’t. Sometimes only personalized attention will do, and at the very least it’s good to have the option. Largely, though, there are better things to scrutinize than support when looking for the key differences between Bluehost and HOSTINGER.


Money is one of the most crucial things in life. Many of you are here to find the cheaper service and it’s very fair for you. Bluehost and HOSTINGER are both safe, reliable hosting options. If you don’t want to think about them any more than that then go for Bluehost. It offers better value for money. Bluehost is more worth than HOSTINGER services in different perspectives. But if you really have the monetary issues then you should go for HOSTINGER. It’s ultimately isn’t bad but is lacky in comparison to the Bluehost.

Types of Services HOSTINGER Hosting
Single Shared Hosting $0.99/month (renews $2.15)
Premium Shared Hosting $2.59/month (renews $3.49)
Business Shared Hosting $4.09/month (renews $7.95)
Type of Services Bluehost Hosting
Shared Hosting $ 2.95- $14.99
WordPress Hosting $19.99-$49.99
VPS Hosting $19.99-$59.99
Dedicated Hosting $79.99-$209.99

Both of the company offers a 30 days money back guarantee which get to get a test run in both of the cases.


We have discussed different aspects regarding both the services. Both of the companies are well established and they have been providing services more than years. So, choosing any of them is secure. Now your purpose is important to be taken care off. If you want all your website elements in one place then HOSTINGER is more preferable for you. Now if you want a better host for WordPress then go for Bluehost.

Also, HOSTINGER have a lot of demerits in itself. To know more about the demerits in the HOSTINGER services visit my previous article on HOSTINGER. This will give you a more perspective analysis of the service availed by HOSTINGER. Also, I have a dedicated article on Bluehost services, you should visit that too. Reading these articles will give you a detailed scenario regarding both of the services which will help you to analyze what will be the best service for your business.

Let’s End this Article:

As my every article concludes, this article is also an informative article for all those creators who want to have a well-established website. So, in this article I have made it very simple to understand for my readers and to have a bridge informative session towards the actual work.

I have suggested some of the important qualities the Bluehost avails as an option to its client. Also, I have tried to discuss some of important parameters that is better than any other hosting services. This article is a well-researched content and I hope reading this is a good utilization of time for you.

I am ending this article. Goodbye! Meet you in the next article.


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