Email marketing means using emails to promote a brand and go about their marketing strategies. Email marketing has gained quite a popularity because of its numerous features. Furthermore, there are various marketing tools that are used to get most of out of email marketing.

Email marketing tools ruling 2021

Here are the 20 best email marketing tools in 2021:

  1. Active campaign:


Email marketing tools ruling 2021

Active campaign has a user-friendly interface as well as extensive analytics. This is what makes it a full package of everything when it comes to tools of email marketing. Through only one convenient portal, it offers services like assisting sales, marketing, and service professionals. Since it is a cost-effective platform, it encourages its users to use the most effective campaigns by using A/B testing. It also has a library of email templates that are pre-designed, automated sales CRM, and event tracking. Automated sales CRM helps users to hierarchize leads while continuously tracking every interaction. On the basis of particular interactions with the users, event tracking is used to then communicate personalized messages with them.


  1. MailChimp:

Email marketing tools ruling 2021

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms and for all the right reasons. It is loaded with an extensive set of features which help in building and engaging audiences. MailChimp is also helpful in converting potential leads into real sales. It provides its users with 24/7 customer support which is pretty much needed everywhere.

It provides its users with:

  • advanced segmentation for targeting the ideal audience by way of every email campaign.
  • for the business’ clients it allows the users to track analytics and campaigns in a simple and easy to understand format.
  • it has a variety of templates which makes it easy for its users to send well-structured emails in less time.
  • automated marketing campaigns for re-engaging potential consumers.
  • tracking performance in real-time which captures the number of emails sent, the click-through rate, the open rate and many more.
  1. HubSpot:

HubSpot has all the features needed for assistance in marketing and sales for one’s business. It provides its users with tools like ad software, pipeline management, and lead management software for quickly reaching sales goals. HubSpot has a tie-in with free CRM which makes all the data naturally stored and available. It is quite easy to use and has beautiful templates which make the overall outlook of emails very eye-catching. Its tools also help in building good relationships with consumers and provides its users with long-lasting ROI.

HubSpot also provides its users with:

  • email workflows for sales processes and automating tasks.
  • content optimization for improving google ranking every time by ensuring the best SEO practices.
  • it comes with very strong deliverability and reasonable plans.
  1. Campaign Monitor:

Campaign monitor’s email marketing helps a business in connecting with their audience and have their messages heard by the audience. Through contact segmentation and timed automation, they direct the customer journey smoothly.

It provides its users with:

  • professionally designed templates for creating quite effective campaigns. One can also create their own template on the campaign monitor.
  • easy drag and drop editor for customizing their content and also for creating beautiful and structured mails.
  • advanced analytics for tracking the effectiveness of a campaign and also helps in taking rational decisions with regard to campaign strategies.
  • personalized marketing automation for making sure that the proper recipients of a particular mail have been receiving the emails designated for them.
  1. Moosend:

Moosend with its long list of features is ideal for email automation. Moosend’s email marketing tools are very effective for promotion. They help in creating very beautifully designed content and also help in sharing them on various social media platforms. They also help in product recommendations once you integrate your online website with them.

It provides its users with:

  • email list automation and segmentation for launching email marketing campaigns which are strategized beforehand.
  • custom sign-up forms for their social media profiles and websites in order to grow their contact list for emails.
  • user-friendly interface for easy workings on the platform.
  • automate marketing tasks for better engagement with the customers.
  1. SalesHandy:

best tools in 2021

SalesHandy is basically a tool for email productivity. It helps its users in scheduling, tracking, and following up on a message that has been sent to a customer. For increased sales and better engagement with the customers, a business should choose SalesHandy to keep getting insights necessary for the same.

It provides its users with:

  • automated messaging to keep following up on the customers and prospective customers.
  • engagement data for making effective and efficient digital marketing decisions
  • scheduling functions and automation for increasing a brand’s productivity
  1. Vision 6:

Vision6 is considered to be one of the most reliable email marketing tools.

It provides its users with:

  • bells and whistles that are expected to come with top-notch tools like templates, automation, and conditional content.
  • webform functionality to conduct an online survey and keep growing email contact list, all with a single tool only.
  • a very responsive team for customer support and high deliverability rates.
  • sophisticated contact management to keep in touch with all the customers and potential leads.
  1. Constant contact:

Constant contact helps its users to have better engagement with the current as well as potential customers by making good quality campaigns for email marketing. With their premium option, one can also conduct surveys and perform A/B testing.

It provides its users with:

  • excellent customer service through various means like chat, email, etc. This helps the small businesses remarkably.
  • budget-friendly plans so that even small businesses who have limited resources can have the benefits of good email marketing tools. Even its premium plan is not that pricey if we compare it with other platforms.
  • user-friendly interface for making the whole process of email marketing a lot easier. It saves time by reducing the chances of confusion.
  1. Sendinblue:

To have all the necessary marketing support needed for the growth of one’s business, Sendinblue is the way. Their email marketing tools help the users to create quite effective marketing campaigns along with personalization features to ensure the enhancement in the audience’s brand experiences.

Following are some other features:

  • For increased workplace productivity, there are automation workflow templates.
  • Improving email campaigns, open and click rates, they have smart scheduling functions.
  • For creating eye-catching email content, they have drag and drop blocks.
  • They have tools that provide features like Facebook ads and retargeting.
  1. GetResponse:

best tools in 2021

A lot of surveys have come to conclude that GetResponse is the best email marketing software.

Its features are as follows:

  • User-friendly interface for making it easy for the users to use various features and create the best content.
  • It has a time-saving autoresponder feature which saves users’ time by sending automated responses according to the query of customer’s email.
  • It is quite cheaper when compared to other platforms’ tools making it cost-effective for the small businesses.
  • Along with providing help in email marketing, it also helps the users to organize webinars, conduct surveys and other such events.
  1. Rejoiner:

Rejoiner enjoys the status of a full package email marketing tool as it has all the features of various platforms combined.

Following are its features:

  • It has a feature of personalization which caters to needs of diverse customer groups by analyzing their preferences and drive engagement and conversions towards the website.
  • Provides its users with good templates to design and create properly structured and beautiful emails.
  • It has a feature called email builder which is unique to rejoiner. It helps in customizing content creatively.
  1. Act-On:

Act-On is the best platform if one wants to grow their audience remarkably. It has a cloud-based application which helps tremendously in converting the visitors into leads and clients by optimizing customer engagement. Furthermore, it works in favour of both big and small businesses.

A few more features of Act-On:

  • It has automated messaging which sends messages to the clients and potential leads on time without bothering the business owner itself. This makes Act-On’s tools time efficient.
  • It has a feature of journey builder which improves the audience engagement.
  • It has some very effective SEO audit tools which help in bringing up the content created by them on higher ranks on a google search by optimizing the content.
  1. Zoho:

What makes Zoho an amazing email marketing tool is its absolutely astounding templates and real-time analytics. These features certainly help in driving stakes and keeping the clients engaged. Along with automating marketing strategies for better productivity, they also help the business to keep up with the day-to-day activities.

A few more significant features of Zoho:

  • It supports all the marketing strategies and sales assets by a large number of applications that it has.
  • Also, it helps in creating eye-catching campaigns and landing page builders which in turn helps the cause of its users that is to build a name.
  • It has very discrete performance tracking and metrics which helps in identifying all sorts of opportunities coming their way.

In addition to the above-mentioned tools, there are a lot more email marketing tools like Aweber, Intercom, Mailshake, Yesware, etc. for better performance. Consequently, one should choose an email marketing tool as per the requirements of its business and the budget. Moreover, a wise choice can do all the work effectively and efficiently.

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