Digitalization has swept the world by length. Majority of the things have already been brought under digitalization. A lot of things are continuously being added to the list. Quite a number of new tools and technologies and ways have been evolved to make everything a bit more accessible than it was. Digitalization has occurred in all the field of work. Consequently, it has now become an integral part of our lives.

Marketing has also been brought under digitalization. In the current world, almost all the marketing firms are working digitally, i.e., they have their websites on various marketing platforms. This is called digital marketing. Digital marketing in simpler terms means marketing one’s product through the internet. Digital marketing has brought in a revolution in the marketing field. It has also helped many small businesses to build their brand name. There are various platforms used for digital marketing. One such platform is email.

Email marketing has gained the status of being one of the most effective and popular marketing tools for a business. In simple terms, email marketing means the use of email as a part of the marketing efforts for the promotion of a business’ products and services along with incentivizing the loyalty of customers. Email marketing allows businesses to make the people on the email list, aware of the new products, discounts, any information related to their ongoing campaign, and other services. It can also be used to educate their audience on the brand value and keep them engaged between purchases.

Email marketing and its importance


  1. Efficient mailing list management:

Sometimes there happen glitches like you send an email to some and it gets returned back for no reason. These are called soft bounces. Sometimes the email addresses shown on the list does not exist. These are called hard bounces. This is just the wastage of resources. That is why an efficient mailing list management feature is a must for email marketing. A quality email service provider is expected to keep the contact list clutter-free, i.e., without glitched email ids. The reason for soft bounces may be as simple as an overflowing inbox of the receiver and hence it gets more time to get resolved. Whereas, hard bounces must be deleted as soon as they are detected. Along with these, the service provider must provide optimization options for changes to automatically getting shown in the list.

2. Precise List Segmentation:

Identifying different groups of customers in a single contact list and then targeting them accordingly is very important for the businesses to achieve their goals. A quality email service provider gives its users the facility to segment the customers in the contact list with respect to a lot of criteria. Those criteria include gender, purchasing preferences, email clients, industry, etc.

  1. Third-party software integration:

The ability to interact with external software is what makes email marketing a powerful marketing tool. A quality email service provider must have easy and smooth third-party software integration. A quality ESP must give its users the means to combine its features with the features of another software by providing corresponding extensions.

  1. Detailed analytics and reporting:

Data is the queen of email marketing. The lack of knowledge about one’s campaign’s effectiveness is like staying in the dark. That is why it is important for a good email service provider to give the detailed analytics and reporting tools to its users. This way they can keep a track of the effectiveness of their campaigns and enhance it according to the needs.

  1. Flexible autoresponders:

Writing “thank you” to everyone who is a subscriber to your newsletter is quite a tiring and unnecessary task. Autoresponders help you to create an auto-response which will automatically be sent to everyone at once. This makes the whole process time-efficient. It is also very economical. A good email service provider provides its users with flexible autoresponders for a number of stages of customers’ journey. The best part is that it sends responses without troubling us. One can do their work without worrying about the responses reaching the respective customers on time.

Email marketing and its importance

  1. Content editor:

It is very important for outgoing mails to be properly structured messages. Unstructured mails can do a lot of damage to the business sending it as the customers will take this carelessness and inefficiency. This is why is it very important for a good email service provider to have a convenient content editor and certain effective tools which help in structuring proper mails. The basic features required for creating properly structured emails are responsive design, drag-and-dropping, ready-made template sets, a tool for image editing, and the ability to incorporate HTML forms into the mail.

  1. Multi-platform capabilities:

The more platforms a business will use for marketing, the better it will be. That is why having an email marketing platform that helps in marketing on multiple platforms at one time adds to the efficiency remarkably. This gives users all the information related to their campaigns in one place. It also helps them to have a clearer picture of the ROI status and increases efficiency.

  1. Email volume:

The number of mails we tend to send is very important to be taken into consideration while choosing an email marketing platform. As some platforms’ charges are quite high for a larger number of mails. That is why one must first check the platform’s policy and then weigh it with their workload and then proceed forward.

  1. A/B testing:

A/B testing

A/B testing is the process which compares two variations of a page element by testing users’ response by taking two variants, A and B and then conclude which of these is more efficient. It is also known as split testing. It allows its users to find which of their strategies are working better in comparison to others. This is important to find which group of its customers is more inclined towards which campaigns. This helps them to create the content accordingly.

It is very important for businesses to choose the email service provider very wisely if they want to grow. A proper email service provider provides its users with a lot of features for better marketing.

Email marketing is a very powerful tool for promoting one’s products. It provides various benefits for marketing products and services.

Some of its advantages are as follows:

  1. Increases reach:

Everyone who uses the internet definitely has one active email. The young generation has two or more than two active emails. This increases the reach of businesses to the people. It gives businesses a fair chance to try their best to persuade their customers.

  1. Easy to design:

Emails are easy to design and implement compared to other marketing tools. One can create very eye-catching emails and appeal to their audience. It offers a lot of templates to choose from making it all quite easy. It also helps to create properly structured messages for the mails.

  1. Combines various strategies:

Emails provide businesses with an option to promote their other marketing strategies by providing direct communication to their customers. One can promote their social media pages by sending the link through mails. They can send in their written as well as visual content through mails easily. If a business is organizing a webinar, they can send invites through emails to quite a lot of people at once. Emails can also be used to send invites to events happening offline.

  1. Time-efficient:

Email marketing and its importance

Sending emails is no doubt a time-efficient task. One can send emails to a lot of people at once instead of sending them separately. This along with being time-efficient also minimizes the chance of missing out on people. This way the business can be in touch with all of its customers by email marketing.

  1. Cost-effective:

Cost effective

It is one of the marketing tools which is cost-effective. It works wonders for small businesses with limited resources. This helps them grow and flourish at a lower cost compared to other marketing platforms.

  1. Builds relations:

It helps business to build relations with the target audience and helps in driving the traffic towards their blogs or social media platforms. It also helps in building the brand name in turn attracting more customers.

  1. Identifying the various groups of customers:

It helps its users to segment their customers and send the most relevant content to their customers. This will help them retain customers with them. This also enhances the business-customer relationship.

In today’s world where everyone is running in a race to be ahead, it becomes very important to keep changing according to the needs of the time. The need of the time is to bring all the businesses, small and big, under digitalization. Almost everyone in the world uses the internet and that too extensively. So, the presence of businesses on the internet would increase their chance of reaching to the people. This has the power to improve the standard of living of people remarkably. It’s about time now that every business should establish its presence online.


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