A unique name that identifies a website is called a domain name. For a website to be accessible to the audience, it is required as it serves the purpose of the address. It is a very significant tool for the websites if they want to build their brand name.

Domain name and how to build it effectively

How to build a good domain name?

  1. Extension:

Original extensions

A lot of new domain name extensions have come up these days. The original domain extensions are .com, .org, and .net and the new domain extensions are niche-specific like .blog, .lifestyle, etc. But it is highly recommended to use the original domain extension, .com. It might be very alluring to use the new extensions as it could really give rise to very creative domain names but they are not as reliable as the original ones. .com is the most trusted and efficient domain extension to date.

The users tend to type .com in a reflex. Some users type .com at the end of everything! Such is the popularity of .com. The users who aren’t that knowledgeable about technology might end up adding .com at the end of it with a different extension. Now, this will lead them to an error page and they will go back without visiting the site they wanted to. This might end up badly for such websites by decreasing their audience. So, to be on the safer side, it is advised to use .com only.

  1. Keywords:

Keywords have a very significant role to play in the building of good domain names. The use of keywords is meant to give the audience an idea about the contents of the website. In fact, keywords can also help the user to rank high in google searches. So, it becomes very important to use keywords along with providing the audience with good content. It is not an easy job to find a domain name which hints towards the content of the website and is not already taken. Designing perfect domain names require a lot of creativity and work but it is all worth it. A combination of keywords with some other words creatively might give some really good domain names which would stand out.

  1. Leave room to expand:

While deciding on domain names, it is very important to choose a name which is not restricted to only one thing. As you could want to add some other things under the same niche. If your domain name would be one specific thing then it would not attract the audience who would be wanting to read something else in that niche regardless of the presence of such content on your website. This is why the domain names should be able to represent the niche as a whole and not just one thing.

  1. Hyphens:

A good domain name must avoid hyphens in it. No one wants to come off as spam to the audience, do they? Hyphens often are a sign of spam so your domain name having a hyphen might take away the audience. Moreover, hyphens are usually used when the domain names wanted by the enterprise is already taken. This is the gravest mistake one commits. Because the audience might end up on your competitors’ website if they forget to add the hyphen and you would easily lose your audience.

Domain name and how to build it effectively

  1. Short domain name:

It is very much useful to have keywords in domain names but another thing to be kept in mind is the entire length of the domain name. It should not be very long as long domain names are hard to memorize and people might end up forgetting it every time. This would lead to a loss of audience and traffic on your website. It is mostly recommended to not use more than 15 characters in a domain name. Short domain names are not just easy to memorize and remember but they are also eye-catching.

  1. Unique:

The most important thing to keep in mind while building a domain is uniqueness. Domain names must and must be unique. A unique domain name will make you stand out in the eyes of the audience. Domain names should also be brandable meaning easy to type and remember. To have unique brand names, one can go and have a look at their competitors’ domain name and then create a unique domain name for themselves. Checking domain names under your niche would also reduce the chances of you having a domain name for which someone already has a trademark. In such cases, you will be accused of copying and piracy and you will end up in trouble. Unique domain names generate curiosity about the content on the website leading to an increase in the traffic on the website.

  1. Easy to pronounce and spell:

The whole point of domain names is for the users to find your content easily and share it among their kith and kin. That is why the domain names should be easy to pronounce and spell. This would not only help the readers to share your website easily but it would also help you. You might need to tell your domain name in person a lot of times. Only an easy to pronounce and spell domain name would come in handy. It would be easy for the audience to remember it by the time they would open the website. It would increase the traffic on the website remarkably.

Domain name and how to build it effectively

  1. Double letters:

It is highly recommended to avoid double letters in domain names. The avoidance of double letters makes it more brandable. By double letters, it is simply meant using two same letters consecutively. Use of double letters increases the chances of typos leading to the loss of traffic. It would be wise to not use double letters if one wants to attract a lot of audiences.

  1. Domain name generators:

There are more than 300 million registered domain names around the globe. It becomes really hectic and difficult task to look for domain names manually. A lot of people even complain that there isn’t a good domain name left for them. To make it easy for the users to come up with their domain names, the domain name generator tool has been proving itself. It allows the users to search for very creative domain names by putting in their keywords. A few examples of domain name generator are Nameboy, GoDaddy’s domain name generator, etc.

  1. Research:

It is very important to research your to-be domain name. Before registering it legally, it is very important to be sure that it is unique and not in use by someone else already. One can search their domain name by trademark a Google search to check if it is already on any social media platform or a trademark search to check if it is already registered with the trademark. It is important to check because a same or similar name might end up leaving you in trouble and cost you a lot of money getting out of the accusations od copying and piracy. The similar or same domain names also lead to tremendous confusion leading in the loss of traffic.

  1. Be quick:

A lot of people create domain names every day. So, it is very important to quickly act on your ideas and form a domain name and get it registered as soon as possible. This would reduce the chance of you ending up with a domain name which would already be in use. And you always have the option of letting it expire so it will not be a problem if in future you would be wanting to have some other domain name.


Once you would have decided your domain name, you can then go and register it using a web hosting site. There are a lot of web hosting service providers like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostinger, HostPapa, etc. Some of these even register domain names for free. Good domain names are very effective in attracting an audience and increasing the traffic on the site. So, one must keep all the above-mentioned points in mind and then decide on a domain name. It is like the cover of your website, it is the thing by which your website will be identified, so it must be very eye-catching.

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