We often see a wide number of online advertisements regarding website development. Nowadays due to the enormous use of the internet, alternative marketing has evolved. To get a proper acknowledgment of any business and to grow faster website is one of the most common needs. Now we always hear a number of words regarding web development and other stuff. The most heard one is the word ‘Domain’. It often advertised that without a proper domain a business can’t grow. So, it must be concerned that what is a domain and what is its benefit. How can be something be powerful that it can establish a business? So, if you are dealing with such kind of questions go through the blog. This blog will give you proper insight and enlightenment of the word and will give you a proper concept of different domains.


When some want to make a website or for his/her own business. Now they get confused with some of the co-terms like ‘Website hosting’. This may sound out of the blue for you if you are a beginner. But with the time you will understand all the facts regarding this.

Now as I am writing this article targeted for beginners. I will try to make the facts simple and beginner-friendly. So, we will progress with the Definition of Domain. Then we will try to understand the functionality of Domain and we will continue till the end with types of Domain and their priority.

Firstly, while having a Domain you should be focused on the meaning of the term and its utility. Without knowing the utility of a weapon, we can’t use it. So before starting anything we should be focused on the meaning of the term and How we can utilize it for our own betterment.


A Domain Name (Shortly called Domain) is the address of your website. The user will type the web address on their website to reach your website.

Let’s discuss an analogy. Suppose the website is your home and someone wants to reach your home. Now if you give him/her an address in word, it will be easier for them to remember. But suppose if you give them the number of your house. Suppose you are in a world where the houses can’t be interpreted in terms of words. So, you have to supply the man/woman a 100-digit number (maybe exaggerating but this is a popular analogy). Now is it easier to remember the 100 Digit Number or the address in words? Obviously, the address in words is easier to remember.

Similarly, in this vast sea of the internet, every computer is connected through the web. Now every computer can connect to the internet and contact with other computers. Thus, to contact another computer, a user has to know the details of the IP Address. As the web culture developed and the use of computers increased. To preserve the distinguishability of the computer long numeric IP addresses were considered which get so indulging and painful. Thus, to resolve this problem, the concept of domain name developed, and thus using the Internet became easier.



Now as we have got a basic knowledge of Domain Name, the next process is its working principle. How does it actually occur and how does it influence the growth of a company is a great concern?

The procedure is again to discuss it in a very realistic approach.

Suppose you have searched an URL on your web browser. Now the browser sent a request to a whole bunch of servers. This bunch of servers is called ‘DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM’ or DNS. Now DNS searches the Name servers associated with the domain. Now here we have involved some terms which can be a pretty technical term for you. **

Name Servers are nothing but the Name of your host. Now the next question is what is the Host?

Let’s discuss.

We all have used email addresses. Now we all see different blog posts. Now when we search for our blog posts we type up with the ‘’. Thus, here the ‘BlogSpot’ is the NAME SERVER or the HOST, and ‘.COM’ is the DOMAIN NAME.

Now We are clear with the intermediate terms. Let’s proceed further.

** Now after completion of NAME SERVER searching by the DNS, it forwards a request to the NAME SERVER for access. Now, these name servers are requested and will direct you to the WEBSERVER where the website is stored. Thus, you will get to view the info on that website.

We do things so quickly but there is a lot of process going on in the background.


As I mentioned earlier, people frequently get confused among the term’s website & web-hosting and correlate them with DOMAIN NAME.

Website is usually made up of HTML and web development website.

Now as we have previously used the analogy. We can say if DOMAIN NAME is the address of your website then the WEB HOSTING is the home in which your domain resides. These are the computers where the original files of your websites are stored and the computers are called ‘SERVERS’. These servers are usually provided by the web hosting company.

Now here we have said two correlated topics. But both of them are important for the development of the business and its growth. So, to have a successful website you should have a Web-host as well as a Domain Name. Now, usually, such kind of things are paid for. You can do it for free in Blogspot etc. but these are not independent sources. The website which you will desire will not be entirely yours. There will be hosting conditions on your website imposed by Blogspot or any free Domain offering website.

Having an independent website will lead you to more professionalism and client infrastructure growth. Now as these two are different functionalities. You can always buy the service from two different companies. But it’s always preferable to buy both the DOMAIN as well as the WEB HOST. This will optimize to manage both the things on the same account.


There are quite a number of domain names available. One of the most popular ones is the ‘.com’. Also, there are other domain names like ‘.net’,’. TV’ and many more. But through market surveys and digital marketing researches it has been concluded that having a .com domain with extension is highly recommendable. This influences some of the most crucial steps for digital marketing and publicity. Thus, selecting a useful domain name for yourself and according to the purpose is also an important factor to look up to.

Now let’s take a broader perspective on the different types of DOMAIN NAMES available. We will see some of the categorized DOMAIN NAMES in this section:


As the names suggest, TOP LEVEL DOMAIN is the domain that is registered at the top among the domain names. These are generic domain extensions available worldwide. There are more than hundreds of TLDs available. The most popular one is the ‘.com’,’.org’ and ‘.net’. There are also other TLD’s available but this is not recommended. Other TLD’s aren’t popular and they are not that much productive as the above mentioned. Other TLD’s are- ‘.biz’,’.club’,’.info’ etc.


These are country-specific domain names. Such kind of domains can be used as it is easily implacable in the country and the users can get easier to get compatible with it. For example, the domain name ‘.in’ is for INDIA, ‘.us’ for the United Kingdom, etc. There are a lot cc-TLDs and these are popularized. ccTLD’s can be a good choice for any website specified to be in a country.


These are domain names that are sponsored. This DOMAIN names represent a specific community. For example, ‘.gov’ is used for government websites and like that. This domains are usually used by the administration or any highly sponsored classes. These are not appreciable for business class or anything like that.


In this article, we have discussed the DOMAINS. This is very much important for anyone who wants to become a part of an online business trend or market trend. Having concepts clear can create a response in mind at a definite level. Writing this article is to elaborate on the important key segments of digital marketing.

Knowing about all this stuff is always an important part to start a career ahead in this field. If you have an idea you should move forward with it. Having the appropriate knowledge about the key concepts and core of the subject matter will help you portray your idea in reality. So, this was my approach to describe all the basic details regarding domains. I hope this article helps you to understand the subject matter of the domain and will come forward with many such interesting and useful blogs.



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