There has been a technological revolution around the globe. The technological revolution has swept the entire world by length. The word technological revolution is self-explanatory. It means a revolution brought by the advancement in technology. 21st century has witnessed some of the most amazing advancements in technology till date. Advancement in technology also points towards the overall development of the world. It is a sign of genius minds coming out of the shadows. Technology has made a lot of things easier for us. It has become indispensable in our lives. Every aspect of our lives is connected to technology in one way or another. Our day starts with the use of technology and ends with the use of it. Such is our dependence on technology.

Technology has no doubt made our lives easier but it has had some negative impacts as well.  It has made us lazy by cutting the work we earlier used to do. But it is impossible to have only good aspects of something and nothing bad about it. So has technology but its pros outweigh the cons. Technology had made the distance insignificant to some extent. Your loved ones might be miles away but technology has made them just one call away. Technology has led to advancement in medical equipment as well. Consequently, saving a lot more lives than before. Technology has made the functioning of society smooth. It has provided millions of people with lots and lots of opportunities. Advancement in technology has also enhanced the education system remarkably.

Digital marketing and its importance

One such remarkable work of technology is digital marketing. Before going towards digital marketing, let us first understand the meaning of marketing. Marketing, in simple words, means buying and selling of commodities. Furthermore, it means the use of different approaches to reach to a target audience. It also influences them into buying things from a certain enterprise.


Digital marketing means a marketing approach which relies on the internet to reach to the target audience. This is why is it also called internet marketing. It is a very broad field. It includes a lot of instruments for the internet to reach its target audience. The various instruments are- email, social media, ads, etc. Moreover, digital marketing in layman’s term means online shopping.

Digital marketing and its importance

Digital marketing has made things easier for both sellers and consumers. One can buy things sitting at their homes and the things get delivered at their doorstep. This facility provided by digital marketing has acted as the light at the end of a tunnel during the pandemic. It helped so much during the pandemic by removing the necessity to go to the market to get necessities. Online shops have everything, be it as small as a needle to as big as an electronic item. During the pandemic, a lot of digital marketing websites flourished remarkably. The growth of such websites to this extent has led a lot of entrepreneurs to shift to digital marketing. This remarkable shift has benefitted both the enterprises and the consumers.

Significance of digital marketing:

Digital marketing

  1. Affordability:

Digital marketing provides products which are less expensive than the products available in physical markets. It is a blessing to the group of people who constantly have to keep their budget in check. Digital marketing platforms give quite generous discounts. It makes the products affordable for a large number of people. In the long, high prices do not matter but the number of consumers does. And digital marketing attracts quite a large number of consumers leading to the success of the site.

  1. Accessibility:

Digital marketing increases accessibility without any doubt. People can buy products sitting in their homes. All they need is a phone and internet which almost everyone in today’s world has.

  1. Easy returns:

A lot of times we like something in the shop but when we come back home, we do not like it so much. A lot of shops have the policy of no returns. This just puts the consumers at a disadvantage. There is no such thing with online shopping. Online shopping has very easy returns. Most of the sites give 30 days to a customer to return the products. This removes the tension of not getting something according to their desire as they can return it if they do not want it.

  1. Interactivity:

Digital marketing makes it easy for consumers to interact with the websites and vice versa. This allows businesses to interact with their consumers through social media posts, comments, messages, reviews, etc. This interaction leads to better relations between the customers and the business. It allows the business to get an idea on its customers’ choices and preferences. It also has the customers feel valued and respected.

  1. Tracking:

Digital marketing makes it very easy for both the enterprises and the consumers’ tracking. The enterprises track the activities of their consumers and follow the demand pattern. It helps them to identify the marketing approaches which would prove to be beneficial to that certain enterprise. By this, they can allocate their resources accordingly efficiently and effectively.

Digital marketing allows customers to track their orders effortlessly. When a person orders something, they are just so eager to receive it. Tracking provides them with the adrenaline rush of getting their order closer to them by the day. This makes the whole process more exciting.

  1. Expansion:

    Digital marketing allows an enterprise to expand remarkably. Digital marketing breaks the barriers of places. A person sitting in America can buy a product from an Indian website and vice versa. This breaking of barriers expands a business to unimaginable extents. Digital marketing provides ample opportunities for an enterprise to grow regardless of the place of its origin.

    Helps in expansion

  1. Engages with influencers:

For everything, there are millions of influencers. Be it fashion, food, travelling, skincare, cosmetics, just name it. These influencers have a huge following and engaging with them benefits the enterprise remarkably. Digital marketing allows enterprises to get in contact with such influencers. If an enterprise makes an alluring offer, these influencers get ready to collaborate with them. Influencers then post about the products and its benefits and encourage their followers to buy those. This eventually increases the chances of their brand to get recognition.

  1. Broader scope:

Digital marketing makes the enterprises more flexible leading to a broader scope. Digital marketing provides enterprises with a close look at the workings of their strategies. If a strategy does not seem to be working well, it can very easily be changed. This change of strategy does not put a burden of expenses on the enterprises as everything is being done digitally only.

  1. The benefit of multimedia devices:

Digital marketing gives enterprises the benefit of multimedia devices. An enterprise can create content for marketing in various forms. For instance, video clips, photoshoots, audio clips. And then post it on different media platforms easily. It increases the reach of the enterprises as a lot of people are using media platforms.

  1. Gives a creative edge:

Digital marketing allows enterprises to enjoy some freedom. The freedom to experiment with their marketing ideas without fear of failing. Even if they do fail, it will not be a lot of expenses so it becomes easy to experiment. Experimentation leads to creativity. Enterprises brainstorm and come with very creative ideas of marketing strategies. It helps them to build their brand with a creative edge. In today’s world, consumers dig creativity a lot. So, the more creative the strategies will be, the more customers it will attract. Creativity also intrigues consumer to find more about the brand and its products. As a result, the chances of the consumers ending up buying products from the enterprise increases.

internet marketing


Digital marketing does not only benefit the enterprises but the customers as well. For enterprises, it simply is a boon. It allows small enterprises to gain popularity. with efficient and effective use of resources. It allows such small enterprises to build a name and flourish remarkably. For consumers, it saves their time and efforts making the process very alluring. Who wouldn’t want to shop with just a click of a button?

Digital marketing has a great impact on the current world. The government has started to take initiatives to bring more and more enterprises under it. The numerous benefits of digital marketing had made a great shift towards it. More and more enterprises are switching to it by the clock. We live in a world where everyone is super busy. Consequently, they do not even have time to breathe. Digital marketing lessens their burden. It can lead to a country’s growth tremendously.

Every day, it is contributing to the growth of the country’s capital by involving in the overseas sale. Digital marketing has been recognized as the best way of marketing given its numerous benefits. Today’s world can be called the era of digitalization. Besides, digital marketing has constantly proven itself. Furthermore, it has made our lives easy and has gained a lot of love and support. In coming days, if the proper attention is given to it, it can reach even more heights making everyone happy and successful.

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