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We often see a large number of ads online related to website development. Today due to the enormous use of the Internet, alternative marketing has evolved. Getting proper recognition of any business and growing the website faster is one of the most common needs. Now we always hear a few words about web development and other things. The most listened to is the word Domain Name. It is often advertised that without a proper domain a business cannot grow. Therefore, we should be concerned about what is a domain and what is its benefit. How can it be a powerful “domain” that a business can establish? So, if it comes down to these kinds of questions, check out the blog. This blog will give you a proper insight and clarification of the word “domain”.

Before jumping directly into the topic, let’s recapitulate about Domains.


A domain name (abbreviated as domain) is the address of your website. The user will type the web address on the website to get to your website.

Let’s analyze an analogy. Suppose the website is your home and someone wants to reach your home. Now if you give him an address in words, it will be easier for him to remember it. But suppose you give them your house number. Suppose you are in a world where houses cannot be interpreted in terms of words. So, you have to provide the man/woman with a 100-digit number (may be overkill, but this is a popular analogy). Now it is easier to remember the 100-digit number or the address in words. Obviously, the address in words is easier to remember.

Similarly, in this vast sea of ​​the Internet, all computers are connected through the web. Now all computers can connect to the Internet and communicate with other computers. Therefore, to contact another computer, a user must know the details of the IP address. As web culture developed and computer use increased. To preserve the distinction of the computer, long numerical IP addresses that are so accommodating and painful were considered. Therefore, to solve this problem, the concept of domain was developed, and therefore the use of the Internet was made easier.


Now that we have a basic understanding of the domain, the following process is its principle of operation. How does it really happen and how does it influence the growth of a company is a great concern?

The procedure is again to discuss it with a very realistic approach.

Suppose you have searched for a URL in your web browser. Now the browser sent a request to a bunch of servers. This group of servers is called “DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM” or DNS. Now DNS looks at the name servers associated with the domain. Now here we have involved some terms that may be quite a technical term for you. **

Name servers are nothing more than the name of your host. Now the next question is what is the Host?

Let’s discuss.

We have all used email addresses. Now we all see different blog posts. Now, when we search for our blog posts, we type with “”. So here “BlogSpot” is the SERVER or HOSTNAME and “.COM” is the DOMAIN NAME.

Now we are clear about the intermediate terms. Let’s continue.

** Now, after completing the DNS lookup for NAME SERVER, send a request to the NAME SERVER for access. Now, these name servers are requested and will direct you to the WEBSERVER where the website is stored. Therefore, you will be able to view the information on that website.

We do things very quickly, but there are many processes in the background.


I had presented some of the basic concepts of Domain Name keeping in mind the beginners. Now let’s start our topic.

Writing a Blog is one of the craziest things online. Internet is full of blogs. The quality of content is always important but you should also focus on your domain name too. The more attractive your domain name is. The more famous your blog will get. So, Domain names play quite a big role in the expansion of your user base. So, I am presenting some of the most relevant tips for you guys, so that you can choose the correct Domain name for your blog website.

Let’s start with the first point:

#1. ‘.com’ should be your priority:

There are many domains that come up every day. But having a “.com” domain name gives you a positive impact. There are various domains known as “.net” etc. as well as some of the amateur domains such as “. Photography”, “. Ninja ‘, etc. But still .com has a separate value base.

For most of the people who surf the internet, .com is very common and therefore easy to remember. Suppose you have a website called “”. Now if your user is less tech-savvy then you may be mistaken as “”. This will eventually lead them to an error page that will definitely not be useful to you.

Also .com increases the credibility of your website and looks trustworthy. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have a .com domain for your website.

#2. Put keywords in your Domain name:

Having a suitable keyword in your domain search is always necessary for a large number of factors. Having the target keyboard helps the user to recognize what your site is about. This creates a positive impact on your website and user base. In addition, having appropriate keywords helps you optimize your site better in the Google ranking process. Therefore, having a suitable keyword is always important for your website.

It can be very difficult for you to get an appropriate keyword that will go to your site or that is not used. But creating something is always friendly hard work. The more you work or try, the more you benefit.

You will have to be very creative and combine other words with your keywords to make your name different from the other. This can also be the first step to stand out in your business area.

#3. Select a short Domain Name:

In this world, people are very distracted. The net time in your hands is getting smaller and smaller as the days go by. So, everyone needs to remember a lot of information in them.

Therefore, it is always a brave choice to make your domain name short. Having a short but interesting name can be useful for your users. If your users cannot remain your domain name, it will be a mess in terms of preserving your users.

Therefore, you must be creative enough to discover short but demanding names for your website. This will increase your engagement and also help you to conserve your user base over time.

#4. Use Picky & Easy to spell Domain Name:

You must keep your domain name easy to spell and also to pronounce it. The quality of your website’s content is always important, but doing good advertising for your website is always based on your users. Sharing your website’s link is an important factor. But your company’s verbal disclosure can have a better impact on the referral user. Having a demanding, concise, and topic-related name will undoubtedly influence more users to disseminate your content verbally.

Therefore, having a name that is easy to pronounce and spell can be an additional climb towards the ladder of success.

#5. Try to have a unique & brandable Domain Name:

The domain name for your website should be unique as well as brandable. Having a proper domain unique and brandable name will fuse trust on your user base. Having good trust in a company is always important for any business to grow. So before choosing your Domain name you should be creative as well as wise enough to select the correct domain name for your website.

#6. Avoid having a Domain Name without Hyphens:

Having a domain name can be a little less reliable for your users. So, I think that you would not be interested in associating with that. Therefore, you should try to avoid your domain name with any of these demerits.

In addition, having a hyphenated domain name is highly subject to typos. Therefore, you should always avoid choosing domain names with hyphens.

#7. Don’t Use multiple lettered Domain Name:

Do not select multi-letter domain names. Suppose if you have a name like ‘’. You can now make a random typo when typing this type of domain name. Therefore, you should not choose this type of domain or a large percentage will result in lost traffic.

These are some of the most effective points that you should keep in mind before choosing domain names.

#8.  Choose a well-researched Domain Name:

Well researched content is important for your website. But you should also focus on your domain name. There are many domain name generators available online for free. So, you should focus on these. Try to find a suitable domain name that focuses on your business field and needs to be well researched.


Above I have discussed some of the facts you should focus on points while choosing your Domain Name. Your Blog will get additional support if you follow all these points. So, I think this article has provided you useful industry-relevant information which will benefit you in developing your website.

I hope reading this article is a great utility of time for you. Goodbye! Meet you in the next article.



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