Digital marketing has paved the way for doing the marketing in the online mode itself and now the online marketing has been moved to the messaging apps in mobile phones. Mobile phones are these days quite a necessary thing for all the persons in fact nearly three by fourth (3/4th) of the entire world population is now using only smartphones for doing the essential needs. The time the people spend on websites has now quite decreased. “That means no one is viewing the websites?”


People have become as simpler than ever and would like to have everything very easily. This makes digital marketing enter into the messaging using mobile apps. This way the companies are transferring more information using the apps and has made the website fall in the apps so that both of them do share the information at the regular times as possible. Let us see how digital marketing takes place via mobile phones that too especially using the apps that they have on the mobile.


The companies are these days quite happy in doing the business in the online mode itself as they are cheap than the traditional marketing and also very much useful to connect to the people all over the world at an instant of time. The people who are viewing the websites and other things related to a company or an advertisement need to search a lot depending on their rate in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Henceforth they are quite losing the patient of viewing the websites if some small level companies don’t turn up in the appropriate time. This makes the company lose its customers as time passes by.

To overcome this problem among the people the marketing companies decided to use mobile phones for communicating using websites and to transfer information to people at an, even, faster way too. The idea is to make the things simple by the companies so they are developing apps for the company so that the people can view everything in the app and do not go for the website and wait for a long time until the search for the particular website is complete by the Search Engine Optimization.



People are these days using messaging apps like what’s App, Telegram, Signal, etc. These are messaging apps, why would they want to target these apps for the marketing. The marketing people’s many aims have to deliver the content to the people as long as possible and share the content to as many people as people. The messaging apps serve as a base for them to do so because the people in the messaging apps would like to share the advertisement about a product to a large of persons if they are so good and worth enough to be bought or sold.

This makes the companies get involved in doing the marketing in the mobile apps. The websites sometimes after leading to a large number of customers in its name will have to enhance them so that they can have their new members for the company.

The apps will also help to give personalized comfort to the people as special and separate guidance to them rather compared to the website. This is what makes the messaging apps to be useful compared to the website what the company uses.


The messaging apps have become more than that just of people communicating with each other. During traditional marketing or even digital marketing, the use of websites was very popular and people will be registering on the website to know about their details and the companies too would be very much comfortable with the websites as the space for displaying is more compared to the apps in the mobile.

Then as the customers for digital marketing began to increase the way to deliver the content on the website became a tough one. “How can it be tough?” If a new customer tries to view a website and it directly moves to the product viewing site and doesn’t say any basic needs then the new people will be very confused and will lose interest in buying those products or even would lose interest in viewing the website again.




This creates a problem for the company of losing out their new customers to them. To avoid such things the app has been introduced by the companies for communicating. And making the people easily cope up with things. This is what makes the apps to be more famous than the websites. Small-scale companies won’t be able to get to the top of the market. As soon as they enter digital marketing and their SEO won’t be as good to be in the starting site.

To avoid this if they enter in two ways are as they develop a website. For the people and also socialize with the apps for their advertisement it will be very much easy. For them to be connected and will improve their growth in that particular field too. The messaging apps share information fast.

This is what makes the company come into success at a very quick time. And the smart work of creating good plans in the apps. It makes them stand tall with the other companies too. The companies rely only on the marketing website. It will not help them to reach a lot of people at a minimum time.



The mobile apps will be serving as a tool for personal communication at a very good rate. The website is a site with many users and is difficult to store all.

The companies can’t help them individually if they face any problem with their customers via the website. To overcome this problem the messaging apps come to aid. The apps will create a specific route for the company and the particular customer to overcome their problems. The company would come to know that the customer is facing some issues with their product.

And will be able to immediately solve those without any problem. And the company satisfaction that the customer is happy with their services.



The companies need not be appointing employers to reach the people too. They could use the AI ChatBot for problem-solving with the customers also. The ChatBots is to access the messaging apps. And then they will automatically reply to the customers when they are in need. This is what makes the messaging apps far more better and useful than the websites.

For Email marketing, companies now prefer messaging apps a lot for their advertising in the market. Email marketing has been a formal way of advertising between the companies for the marketing business. The efficient use of email is very less on the market.

Hence the email marketing is now shifting towards the messaging apps for doing the marketing.


Hence we saw how the messaging apps are helping in doing the marketing and how the companies are doing the things for the marketing amongst the people these days.

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