Advertisement plays a major role for companies in the world to look into their products and things sales and income of the things they sell. The advertisement what the company’s make and the one that creates a good impression amongst the people decides the good marketing strategy of the company. The advertisement has both a positive response and also negative response too. Advertising in web marketing is not very simple. You may also refer to this one too:


Why do we need online advertising?:

Everyone can do advertisements in the technological world today. The need for advertising is different.

  1. To get the people to know what it is:

                 The people will be depending on the advertisement for a new product and their view about the product gives hope to the company that the product is coming out well for them. Every company gets to know of the sales of their products and the ways to improve the sales for the article. Nearly 60% to 80% of the product sales counts on the advertising of the product.

  1. To create leads in the marketing:

           The success of a product introduced by a company leads to the improvisation on the making of other things and also to produce some similar items like the previous ones. The company by these means tends to improve their advertising techniques and also it helps them to correct the mistake as people view it makes it to do so. In this manner, a company finds a lead in its products.

  1. To do a lot of repurchases advertisements:

A product gets a hit on the market and the crowd is looking for more like that then the company will be trying to do it again so that many more people will be buying those. The sales on a particular thing get a good view amongst the people then every company will try to introduce similar products to the already did one and will try to create an increased sales than they got from the previous one.


  1. To help reach the people via advertisements.

    Advertisement plays a major role in reaching the people. The people are buying products based on the advertisement the companies will provide. The better the nature of producing the ads the good it will reach the people.

Online advertisement is not easy to do so. Online ads need a lot of practice. The company these days are very keen in knowing the advertising knowledge of the people.

The advertisement serves as a good platform for the people to know a lot about the things the company wishes to introduce amongst the society. The modern age is very much looking for this advertisement as they are now the important source of sales and business for the marketing people.

The students are being thought about those these days in the college itself so that the company takes the student for a job with a high capacity to learn even well.


Types of advertisement:

The people in the business follow two types of advertisement. The normal advertisement and the online advertisement. The normal way of advertisement is using billboards, newspapers, and others. The online advertisement is telecasting on online websites for the people to know about them.

The normal advertisement is a very low cost, compared to the online advertisement. The reason is for normal advertisement the things the company is placed in a particular place for the people to view. The normal advertisement is not popular now, because people think it is all seen on mobile phones.

The need for the billboards and the companies advertising in the newspaper is decreased in a very large amount. The companies are advertising via online advertisement. It is easy to do and people are watching the online ads more than the ads from the billboards and the newspapers. Online advertising is not easy to do it is very costly. The cost for managing the sites for development is very high and the companies are paying extra for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the company name to come in first in the Search history by the best web browsers. This is how online advertising and normal advertising works.




All are now looking for a very quick result for the products doubt they are having in anything. For example, a person is facing trouble with any product of the company. The person will go it the service shop and then the problem is solved. The online advertisement will make the people clarify the doubts they are having at the very moment when they ask like that. This is what makes the online ads help the people a lot than by coming to the place and then solving the problem at that moment.






The ads can be analyzed by going through some features provided by the websites where we post our ads. People viewing the advertisements for some time. To the viewer count that helps the company to look after the advertisement and develop to reach a lot more.

Cost Per Click can also help to view the number of people that have seen the advertisement. The cost put up by the companies will decide the viewer’s count on watching the advertisement.


The advertisement has to be a success because when people start looking towards it. And when they started contacting towards the company is one way the advertisement is reaching the people.

The company must take self-interest in analyzing how the people are responding to their advertisements. And if the advertisement impacts are not up to the mark then they need to reanalyze the product. And then try to bring it into the market with the success rate that they will this time say only the positive things.


The people are looking forward to new things in the market. And they need to develop their motives towards the product. The ads must be very much unique from one another so that the people won’t get disappointed in viewing those.

The technology will make all the marketing companies lead to the online market. Because and the future for them will be very good as people will be looking to do all the ads the online itself.



The ads are the thing that helps to reach the people and. So the companies and tells how the product or idea works. For the society and they are very relevant in delivering them too. Hence the ads are definitely the ones that will make the digital marketing reach the places of higher cost and good name among the people as without them the company could not run any more further.

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