A Review of HostGator Hosting services in 2021

A Review of HostGator Hosting services in 2021


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I’ve been writing quite a few blogs online for a few days now. I always approached a positive intuition regarding the hosting services and guided you out with different perspectives regarding the choice of hosting service that is best for your website. But when I wrote these, I compared a lot and thought to tell you about some other service provider namely ‘HOSTGATOR’.

Everyone in this world always cares about cost-effectiveness. But the integrity between the service and the cost-effectiveness is always an important parameter for everyone to study about. These blogs will emphasize a lot on the flawed principles of HostGator services and will evoke a proper scenario in your regarding it.

To understand web hosting, we need to know what “web hosting” is. Now web hosting companies reserve space on the webserver for a website. So, they host a website. Thus, the host utilizes the location of the web servers, that is, the web servers are the home where the website is stored. Now it is always important to have a good web host to enrich the traffic to the website.

We all know that there are some of the different companies that provide hosting solutions with just one click. But we must be very practical when it comes to our purpose. It’s okay to know the names, but it’s more important to judge what’s best for your business. So, if you want to know how to choose a host instead of just knowing the names and their features. This article is for you. I guarantee you will get well-researched content in this article that will help you and your business grow.


As many of our readers know. I always do this by entering some of the important parameters. Also, in this article, we will follow the same traditions. Some of the crucial factors that are really very important have been listed below:

  • Decent availability
  • Fast loading times
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Customer service
  • Free domain and website generator
  • Simple interface
  • Unlimited services
  • Prize

In addition, to have a potential analysis, we will also consider the different disadvantages of the service. The article will serve you in sequence also the different plans that HostGator offers.

So, for detailed analysis, you should follow this article so that it can be a good use of your precious time. Let’s start the important part of the article without wasting any more ink.


Stable uptime:

In all of my blogs, I have always given an extra emphasis on Uptime. I have always discussed that having uptime is always important to conserve your users. Server lag can lead you to a less credible option for users. So, choosing a good hosting service provider with good host time.

Running time is always an important factor for any website to get more involvement. Now many of you may not be familiar with the term uptime.

If your web host does not work. No one can access your site. This can create a huge problem for your users. It’s not a problem nowadays. Companies like Bluehost offer 99.99% reliability for your website. This means that your site has a 0.01% chance of being unreadable. So, it’s great!

Many companies also offer compensation for the number of issues with your website due to hosting or server issues. These compensations are called “Hosting Credits”. Each loan has a specific value. You can redeem them at any time. There are also some tools that appear nowadays, such as “UPTIME ROBOT”. This tool will track server reports and set a limit. Whenever your website is experiencing a server issue, it will send you a message to change your web hosts. Also, most companies have teleportals through which you can contact the web host about any issues you face.

HostGator gives you a decent uptime of around 99.98% which is pretty common for all the service providers. But HostGator makes the game completely different. They ascertain its user that if the uptime declines less than 99.90% then they will avail a one-month credit which is pretty interesting.


Customer service is always an important factor. For any problem having customer service is always essential. Bluehost offers customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will decrease the chances of persistent problems on your site.

You must choose a service that will serve you as customer service for problems that you are absolutely sure of and that will not occur. Choosing this type of web hosting will be very useful for you and your business to grow faster.

HOSTGATOR also offers great customer support for its users. These features can be common but in addition to all the factors described above, HOSTGATOR is quite preferable for a lot of users.


Most of the companies in the Hosting service industry give a period full refund if you are not liking their service. HOSTGATOR is also one who offers such a service. It gives a 45 days period within which if you don’t like their service you can apply for cancellation. It is quite common but the period is greater than that of the proper ‘BLUEHOST’.

Now the refund is subjected to some of the conditions applied. For example, if you have subscribed to a free domain service then an amount of $15.00 will be deducted from the refund. So, these features contain some of the conditions but you will get the maximum amount invested in your refund.


HOSTGATOR offers a great security option for its clients. The company features many insurance pin-ups that increase the customer’s confidence in the company’s credibility. HOSTGATOR provided the data backup feature along with SSL certificates. It regularly checks for malicious programs and offers maximum protection to your website. As security is one of the top concerns for websites, HOSTGATOR has picked up that momentum. The company is doing a great job protecting its customers’ data. This is one of the biggest reasons why HOSTGATOR is preferred over any other hosting company.

Also, HOSTGATOR offers some of the special services like ADD SITELOCK MONITORING at the rate of $1.67/month or $19.99/year. This kind of things works as a stimulus for many users and it’s helpful for them also.


HOSTGATOR provides a 30 days period of full website migration from one service provider to HOSTGATOR. This service is quite better than most of the other companies which charge a lot of money for extra. For example, the BLUEHOST services charge $150 extra for the migration of the website. Also, HOSTGATOR offers a completely free cPanel migration which is immensely helpful for beginners to reduce their hassles.


HOSTGATOR is very user friendly for beginners. Installing WordPress, as well as other stuff as mentioned above, are all examples of user-friendliness.

So, you can obviously jump into its services if you are a beginner.


Every service has its own merits as well as demerits. So HOSTGATOR may have a lot of advantages but it also has some loopholes. In this section, we will discuss that.


Apart from everything else, HOSTGATOR offers a slow page speed which can be a very frustrating thing for users. But every technology is developing. So, in the coming days, the company will take the necessary steps to resolve the problem.


HOSTGATOR offers some things for free but it takes a lot of money for some of the things. For ‘TRUE BACKUP’S’, ‘GMAIL’,’ MALWARE’ etc., the service provider takes a lot of money for these purposes.


Every company takes care of some marketing policies. You will see that it offers a lower-cost subscription of around $2.75/month but it’s not mentioned that the contract is for 36 months or 3 years. So, these can be a demerit for some of its users.


PRICE $2.75/month

Renews $6.95/month


Renews $9.95/month


Renews $14.95/month

WEB 1 unlimited same as BABY
BANDWIDTH Unmetered Same as Hatchling Unmetered
EMAIL unlimited same as before unlimited
OTHER         – Addon Domains ·       Dedicated IP

·       Free positive SSL upgrade, SEO



In this article, we have discussed both the good and the bad side of the HOSTGATOR. If you analyze the points then HOSTGATOR is not a bad option for anyone with a low budget and needs just a basic feature. So, analyzing HOSTGATOR can help you to choose a better cost-effective web host for your company. The target of our website is to induce awareness in you. People should understand the difference between the different services so that they don’t get involved in any marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy is only made for the profit of the company but it contains some of the most specific misleading information. Such info should be avoided just by awareness. That’s our goal. And we hope that you are getting helped by our article.

I hope reading this article is a good utilization of time for you. Goodbye! Meet you in the next article.

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